Don’t know about you, but I ‘m not a winter fan! So whilst curled up under the Nana rug, I thought I’s share with you some unfolding trends that’ll firmly belt your winter blues out the door and get you pumped with inspiration!

COLOUR PLAY: Our base canvas is more considered, relaxed and low key, reflecting our appreciation to the natural world. Think a natural palette of deep earthy mineral greys and charcoals, paper bag browns, layered with midnight ink indigos intense and vibrant, myriad shades of greens, pinky beige, desert tans and watermelon reds.

TEXTURED DEMAND: No shortage of ways to introduce current tactile surfaces to the home!

Chunky oversized knitted throws splayed over the sofa, bed or your knees. They are deliciously warm and bold in texture.

Cushions are becoming more detailed with heavy woven knits and fringing.

Accent chairs in wicker or rattan salute nature in its warm honeyed tones.

Velvet, a winter’s dream, sumptuous and soft, that instantly exudes distinction. Start small with a cushion or be bold and go with a chair or sofa – divine!

Muted metals in antiqued brass or brushed bronze are found in light fittings, planters and furniture adding subtle warmth to a rich moody interior.

Upholstered bedheads – clients love them! Be it texture, colour, print or style they are most certainly a perfect luxury addition to any bedroom!

Confident craftsman – timber chiseled, brushed or scraped. We’re seeing a controlled rusticness , overlapping between precision and deliberate imperfection. Don’t sell your dark furniture on Gumtree either, the rich timber’s on the come back.

Whimsical walls – wallpaper isn’t going anywhere and is an instant room changer! Organic patterns and textures such as grass woven papers infuse a soft backdrop for ethereal elegance, new geometrics more aligned with African and Asian influences and ancient cultures create drama and giant photo walls for impact. Be brave and use in unexpected areas and for a less permanent option, consider a removable wallpaper.

Kitchens – the shift away from cooler greys to warmer undertones applies to kitchens too! There’s movement away from Cool veined Carrara to natural stones (including marbles) with warmer hues of browns and greens. Benchtops are getting thinner day by day creating floating effects over cabinetry. Black is the new white, grasping the moody less pristine aesthetic. Surfaces such as timbers, ply, natural stone and aged metals are all heroes to befriend.

Bathrooms – goodbye sanitary white, hello blacks, greens, beige, dusty blues and more mood! Tiles, toilets, basins and tapware will be seen in colour. Combine this approach with timber and greenery for contrast and warmth.

Furniture & homewares – coveted seating styles with soft lines and cushioned comfort, curved edging on tables, velvet ottomans, leather, organic accessories found in mouth blown glass and handmade ceramics, oh and don’t forget the indoor greenery!

Matured Nordic – The loosely referenced Scandi style is becoming more rounded, nuancing a combination of richer woody palettes and a Scandinavian sleekness. Mix the rules, relax the style and be less minimalistic!

Goodbye to – shiny shiny shiny, floral wallpapers, all white kitchens and bathrooms, copper, rose gold, minimalism, blonde wood and pineapples!!

So the casserole and fifth load of washing can wait. Its time to grab another cup of coffee or even better a red wine and start taking some notes – winter is a time to be inspired about the future. Enjoy!

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– This article was written for Downtown Magazine

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