Although the awakening hours of sunshine are getting shorter as we head towards the Autumn Equinox, the heat of the day is softening and the air is sweet! After a grueling stretch of scorcher days, we are wanting to head outside and breathe in the afternoon air with confidence, knowing our lungs and skin won’t sizzle. We have a few more months before we close the doors, light the fire and hide away from the world, so lets enjoy the beautiful Aussie Autumn weather, wipe the fried bird pooh off the deck, sweep away the summer dust from your outdoor living areas and fill your social calendar for the last outdoorsy hurrah before Jack Frost arrives. There are endless furnishing options for our outdoor areas now, many of which can transition back and forth from inside to out depending on the season. I want to share with you now, some of the serious fun you can have with making your outdoor space be a spot for you to hang all year round (well nearly!!).

Over the years our indoor and outdoor spaces have morphed into one, creating a flow on extension to our main living areas, which is perfect for those warmer months of entertaining where you need that extra room. Along with this we are finding an enormous improvement in what is now available in outdoor furnishing design, decoration and materials. The generic plastic and stainless outdoor settings have now been ditched and replaced with various styles that covet amazing woven textures, timbers, powdercoated surfaces, and a huge collection of fabrics and soft furnishings all of which are designed to withstand the external elements. It is a playpen of fun and free reign as we style our once stark outdoor areas into a space that reflects the cosiness and comfort of an indoor livingroom. We are layering and accessorising our outdoors to create this fusion and connection to our indoor living areas. So much so, we are also finding outdoor furnishings confidently creeping their way inside, and with a real sense of belonging and entitlement!

There is one product in particular that is becoming a game changer and a style saviour to our outdoor living spaces, as well as being an incredibly functional and practical contributor to nearly any room inside. During my 2017 visit to Design & Décor Fair in Melbourne, I was literally “wowed” by the new and amazing changes to the indoor/outdoor rugs. You might recall them being that hideous tacky plastic with a synthetic sheen? Well, no longer! We are now treated with gorgeous textures, weaves, colours and patterns that look and feel just like wool or a natural fibre, absolutely amazing!

Although there are many manufacturers offering high quality indoor/outdoor rugs, for me, an obvious stand out was the Dash & Albert rug range. Made from the highly durable recycled fibres such as UV treated polypropylene and PET (recycled polyester) spun and woven into fine yarns, are soft and luxurious and a feel that your feet (or your dog) will thank you for. Who would have thought they were actually made from recycled plastic bottles! They boast notable benefits such as being incredibly easy to clean, fade resistant, mould resistant and are ethically produced. The availability of styles, colours, textures, shapes and sizes also makes them a perfect welcome addition to any indoor room. Being designed to withstand moisture, why not add a rug to the bathroom, kitchen or laundry. The durability and hard wearing qualities make them ideal for high traffic areas, such as front entrances, living rooms or as a stair runner. Easy clean and stain resistancy makes them a no brainer for a kids bedroom or playroom.

For many of us our indoor space is bursting at the seams, so why not listen to your instinct and set a task to create an outdoor living room that gives you room to move and enjoy. You may want to relax in the sweet Autumn breeze with a DT Mag, entice the friends over for a sipping session, coffee or cake in comfort and style or stretch out for an afternoon snooze on your newly purchased indoor/outdoor rug! Whatever the reason or season, you won’t regret it.

For any of you that have fallen in love with the thought of barefoot comfort or all things for outdoorsy living, contact Redchair Interiors. Don’t forget, Spring and then Summer will be back before we know it!

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*This article was originally written for DOWNTOWN MAGAZINE.

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