“A home is just a shell where as a home completes the souls that live within it”


Georgie Oates, proud owner of Redchair Interiors, is based in Tamworth NSW Australia, servicing the New England Region and beyond in residential and boutique commercial design. She imbues the eclectic design approach, by mixing old with the new and making functional spaces ooze soul. 

Georgie has always had passion for design, colour, texture and beautiful things. As a little girl she spent hours redecorating her dolls house, admiring its textured wallpapered walls and the chic cane furniture. After turning down a career in Graphic Design, she turned that little girl instinct into a successful career in Interior Design. Georgie completed her Diploma in Interior Design externally while raising her two beautiful children, Lachie & Hattie.

“Sometimes it only takes something simple like a red chair in the corner to make a space complete.”

Georgie Oates – Redchair Interiors

Born and raised on a farm, Georgie understands the importance of keeping interior spaces grounded. Her country roots have influenced her appreciation for timeless quality design and the ability to focus on each individual project with the utmost level of integrity.

With a drip infused passion for making spaces come alive and a dedication in researching the most suited elements to fulfill the clients’ brief, has gained her recognition in award winning and accomplished projects around Tamworth and across the North West.

Georgie has also shared her knowledge and experience by writing a regular design column for publications such as the New England Country Living Magazine and currently for the well-known Downtown Magazine.

One of the best pieces of advice Georgie heard years ago and has held close to her business ethos is,

“Designing a space isn’t simply following a current fad or trend. If you base your home on the latest and greatest, it will certainly leave you behind”.


I believe spaces are to be lived in and enjoyed. If you can only admire them from afar, that means they are too precious and you will never connect with the place that is ultimately the reflection of you and your memories
Georgie Oates – Redchair Interiors
How would you describe your style?
Simple sophistication, timeless, relaxed! I love raw, organic collectables jam-packed full of character juxtaposed against crisp, clean modern lines – it’s like mixing the past with the future! I believe a neutral canvas is a great foil to build upon with textural layers and hints of accent colour. It ‘s these elements that give a room soul, depth and surprise!
What matters to you most in the work you do?
Trust, teamwork and results! It’s always a privilege and an honour to be invited into someone’s personal space. I don’t believe in telling people what they should do, nor push them into concepts that they don’t feel comfortable with. Instead, communication and working together makes the end results even more meaningful.
What design elements do you find crucial to today's living?
Globally, Interior Design and Architecture is becoming more honest and sustainably responsible. Our respect for the environment is becoming more apparent through the use of natural materials in building design. Up cycling and recycling of product has also been embraced, providing us with spaces that are layered, wholesome and more grounded.
What is your ultimate sense of achievement?
Seeing that smile. Any job, no matter the size is worth it when I have made a clients vision a reality!
What works without fail?
The KISS theory! Simplicity exudes style and harmony, giving the eye the ability to focus on interesting shapes and textures, but also has the opportunity to rest. Another essential ingredient to successful design is flow and function. A space will not work without these elements.