Dungowan NSW

May 15th 2013

This house was designed to take advantage of its ideal positioning for solar passive absorbtion.  The living areas are positioned on the north eastern side, bedrooms on the southern side and utility rooms on the south western corner.  

In the winter the morning and low winter sun is absorbed by the polished slab.  A large skylight is also facing north to maximise the winter sun.  The slab, acting as the thermal mass and all windows on the southern side are double glazed, to insulate this side.

in summer the eaves keep direct sunlight hitting the polished slab, keeping the internal temperature cool.  The house also has casement windows in most rooms, to help direct and trap breeze for airflow and cross breezes throughout.  There are ceiling fans in all bedrooms and the outdoor entertaining area to keep the bugs away!

The exterior is cladded with Scyon Lineaboard and Colourbond Roof.