Defining Australian Style

Last week at the Melbourne Design & Decoration Trade Fair,  I had the pleasure of listening to Jessica Nixon, partner of Melbourne Interior Design Practice Økologi, who are passionate about Sustainable Design and supporting Australian product.

The main crux of the seminar was asking the question, "Does Australia have it's own style"? Absolutely, I say! 

Although we are quite obviously a new country in comparison to most of the world, we are fully flavoured with different cultures, traditions, styles and design venacular, that have comfortably woven their way into to our lifestyles and environment.  Although we are (by nature) a pragmatic, casual bunch, these cultural injections open the doors for the Aussie home to take pride in being more experimental and exciting. I think, we are starting taking note of this and producing stunning interiors, juxtiposing the rawness of natural materials with crisp but colourful pallettes.  We are seeing more unique styling with ecclectic collections, rather than the mass produced catalogue look.

The mid century style is truely flying flags in many homes at the moment, with strong Danish and Scandinavian influence.  It isn't surprising as these designs are forever classic, fitting perfectly into the relaxed Aussie llifestyle. Think Arne Jacobsen, Eames, Noguchi and Hans Wegner - all are classics that sit perfectly within the functions and nostalgia of the Aussie home.


This image, credited to The Design Files, is an Aussie gem.  Many would think this is a newly built home, but instead is the masterpiece of renowned Aussie Architect Harry Seidler, built in 1972!  This build, remenicent of a Californian Ranch Style adapted to the Australian environment, still sits proudly in near original state, apart from some paint work and carpet.  Materials, such as Concrete, Tassie Oak and Quartite Floors are all strong trends of today.  Vast heights of glass letting sun in when needed and bringing the outside in are still considered priorities of how we like to live and definitely still display strong aspects to modern day Architecture.

A sun soaked poolside - an Aussie dream for many!  Taking company is another Aussie Designer treasure - chairs by Clement Meadmore.

As we learn to appreciate and become more design savvy, the Aussie home is taking on a more sophisitated approach, with smatterings of long lasting peices that are made to last the test of time.  Even though it is hard for many of us to afford, we are learning to become more patient, waiting for the right piece to come along, that will become a long term home treasure!